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What are The Three Types of Water Mains?

Dec 18

If you know a plumber in Rock Hill, SC, chances are they’ve installed one of the three types of water mains. The type of water main used depends on the size and usage of the system, as well as local regulations in place. 


The three main types of water mains include:


  1. Copper Pipe: This is the most common type of pipe used for drinking water in Rock Hill. Copper pipe is durable and resistant to corrosion, making it a popular choice for many plumbers.


  1. PVC: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is another type of pipe frequently used for drinking water in Rock Hill. It’s lightweight, flexible, and easy to install, but it isn’t as strong or durable as a copper pipe, so that it can develop leaks more easily over time.


  1. Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel pipe is more potent than copper or PVC, making it an ideal choice for areas with high pressure. This type of pipe is more expensive and difficult to install, but it can last for decades if maintained properly.


No matter what type of water mains you need in Rock Hill, SC, a qualified plumber can help determine the best option for your home or commercial facility. 


With the right materials and installation techniques, you can enjoy a reliable supply of clean drinking water for years to come.


Why Is It That We Have Different Types of Water Mains? 


The most common reason for having different types of water mains is to ensure that each type of pipe can handle the pressure, volume, and quality of water it needs to carry safely. 


Different types of pipes have other characteristics, such as strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and impermeability. The kind of pipe used for a particular application will depend on factors like the water pressure and temperature, soil conditions, location, and size of the main.


For example, thicker-walled pipes may be necessary for areas with high water pressures or temperatures to prevent bursts or leaks. Likewise, flexible pipes may be preferable in regions with shifting soils or frost lines, so they are more resistant to movement-induced stressors. Ultimately the right material choice is key to ensuring a reliable, long-lasting water system.


In addition to the pressure and temperature factors, a different type of piping is also used based on their ability to resist corrosion or contamination. For example, galvanized steel pipes are favored in coastal areas since they can withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater better than other materials like copper or plastic.


Finally, pipe size is an essential factor when selecting a water main. Smaller mains may require larger diameter pipes to accommodate higher volume flows, while large mains may need multiple pipe sizes to ensure adequate flow throughout the system. 


Therefore, you should carefully select the right type and size of pipe for each job to come up with a safe and adequate water distribution network.


Are There Other Types of Water Mains?

Other varieties of water mains include cast iron, lead, and asbestos cement pipes. Each type of pipe has unique advantages and disadvantages that make it suited for specific applications over others. 


For instance, cast iron pipes are solid and durable but can corrode over time, while lead pipes are flexible but can leach hazardous substances into the drinking water supply if left unchecked. Therefore, working with a qualified plumber who can assess your situation and determine which type of water main is best for you is essential.


Overall, when installing or replacing water mains in Rock Hill, SC., it’s essential to properly evaluate your needs and choose the right type and size of pipe for the job. 


By working with a qualified plumber, you can ensure that your water mains are installed correctly and safely so that you can enjoy clean, reliable drinking water for years to come.


At Full Spectrum Plumbing Services, we specialize in main water installation, repair, and maintenance. Our experienced plumbers can help you choose the right type of pipe for your needs, install it correctly and provide ongoing maintenance to get the most out of your water mains. 


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