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AquaFlo For Plumbing

Dec 13

For decades, AquaFlo has been a feature of plumbing systems. Aqua-performance Flo's and durability are unsurpassed in the market as the innovation and quality standard bearer in water connectors and valves. The majority of connections used in the plumbing business today were invented by AquaFlo. It was the first company in the United States to introduce stainless steel braided connections. With its unique Ultracore tubing, it produced the first NSF approved connector liner to resist chemical attacks on the connection liner found in most current potable water systems. LSP has developed better and tougher corrugated stainless and copper water heater connectors as we continue to push the technological limit on new materials.

Aqua~FloPac Systems that use variable frequency or constant speed drives to track cooling load and save energy. With unique, programmable system control, a new, state-of-the-art System Controller enables more effective energy and system management. Bulk liquid unloading, water intake, irrigation, and pipeline boosters are all possible configurations for these devices. Split base variants are available, as well as duplex and triplex layouts.

Greenfield mixed-use developments, light industrial sites, high-density building, and high-rise conversions and up-fits are all increasing the need for dependable water supply. That's why AquaFloPac pre-engineered packaged systems are being used by plumbing contractors all over the world to meet these demands.